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How One Company Used Video to Conquer Facebook

Millar and Company, a Real Estate agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area, needed a way to increase engagement on their Facebook page. They work in one of the most competitive markets in the nation, which made it imperative for them to develop a cost-effective marketing

Why Failing May Be Your Key to Success

If you developed an ad campaign that fell on its face, it used to mean you’d get in trouble. However, today’s marketers are discovering that failure may actually help them succeed. Here’s what this means, and why you may want to consider following their lead. Expensive ad

3 Reasons Why Your Video Ad Campaign Isn’t Working

We are in the midst of a video marketing revolution. For the first time, we can now create our own videos and consume them on phones, social media, or really anywhere we like. Despite this, many traditional marketers are still using TV as their reference point. Here

From Main St. to Madison Ave Millennials Disrupting 50 Year-Old Balance of Marketing Power

Crisis looms in the halls of Madison Avenue as audience’s and eyeballs move with an accelerating speed to social media and online video. In the face of fast paced chance and mounting pressure for scale and efficiency, massive legacy marketing budgets have become increasingly unwieldy and harder

The Most Important Variables in A/B Testing Your Marketing Video: How to Pick a Winner

In a previous post we discussed how A/B testing is the best way to determine your marketing videos’ weaknesses and strengths, and find the version that actually moves the ball with engagement and conversion for your business. And also how Magisto for Business is the most efficient