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Meet Our Users: Getting In The Halloween Spirit With Magisto

Over the weekend an amazing Halloween video created by one of our users, Ana, caught our eye on Twitter.  The video is eerily beautiful, featuring a fun Halloween soundtrack cut with a mix of homemade video art pieces, a ballet performance and footage from the Australian Stonehenge. 

How To Make A Rockin’ Video Starring Your Pet With Magisto

Whether you’ve got a dog, a cat, a bird, a goldfish, a guinea pig or a tarantula, odds are you can’t wait for the next opportunity to share a video of your furry, scaly or feathered friend on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.  Magisto makes it easy to

Watch: Adorable Kittens Will Help You Start Your Day With A Smile

Good morning, folks!  There’s nothing quite like a bunch of adorable kittens to help you start out your day on the right foot.  That’s why this morning we bring you a fun video from Jenny, one of our users—“First Person Kitten Attack!”  These cute kittens put a

Meet Our Users: An Amputee Tells His Inspiring Story

Sometimes you randomly stumble across a person that inspires you to take a step back and think about life and the way you’re living it.  That’s exactly what happened to us here at Magisto.  While reviewing some of the most-viewed Magisto clips on YouTube we stumbled across

Meet Our Users: Skydiving Magisto Style

Here at Magisto we absolutely love seeing our users create and share videos of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime events and we were thrilled when one of our users, Hannah, shared a skydiving video she created with Magisto on Twitter earlier this week.  We had the opportunity to talk with